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School Awareness Program on Fishing Cat and its Habitat

News: Outreach Program [December 08 Update]

Completion of School Student Awareness Program on Fishing Cat and its Habitat

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NCSC successfully completed a two-day outreach program for school children on fishing cat and its habitat on December 3 and 4 in Jagadishpur, Kapilvastu. 20 students from 10 schools from around the Jagadishpur reservoir area attended the program.

Participants of the School Student Awareness Program on Fishing Cats

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Jagadishpur Jalasaya Tharu Community Homestay [Facebook Link] for their support, and to Fishing Cat Conservation Alliance and Panthera for funding the program.

Day 1 of the awareness program had interactive presentation sessions on wetlands and their importance, ecology of Jagadishpur reservoir, fishing cat conservation, experience sharing, and distribution of information materials.

Day 2 of the program started with a bird watching session at the Jagadishpur reservoir area. This was followed by an team-building exercise where children were put in groups of four to discuss, write, and present their observations on effects of human activities around the reservoir and proposed mitigation measures. Finally a feedback session was held before concluding our two-day program.

Link to our previous workshop: Workshop on Biodiversity Conservation of Jagadishpur Reservoir

Fishing Cat Conservation Leaflet [Design: Bidhan Adhikary]
Importance of Wetlands Leaflet [Design: Kaushal Yadav]

News: Outreach Program [November 30 Update]

NCSC is organizing a two-day outreach program for school children on Fishing cat and its Habitat, focused on conservation of fishing cats, role of communities in conservation, basic wildlife monitoring, and project updates.

Aerial view of Jagadishpur Reservoir.

Children’s story book on fishing cat [March 08 Update]

Swechhya Shrestha has been independently pursuing her work on studying fishing cats in the Jagadishpur reservoir area, and promoting conservation efforts by producing and distributing educational materials. [Follow this link] to access the digital story book – “बिना र पुन्टे”  (Beena and Punte) and audio book on fishing cat.

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