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19 March 2022-Hiking to Mark “National Learn about Butterflies day”

Program objective: Hiking to mark National Learn About Butterflies Day and a charity program to organize Handmade Sanitary Pad Training in rural school of Nepal.

Participants: 10

Organizer: Bhaktapur Jaycees, Butterfly Watchers Nepal and Nature Conservation Study Centre (NCSC)


We recorded 17 species during our hiking. We started our hike around 8am and ended it around 3pm. The main idea behind this hike was to raise awareness on butterfly, its conservation and its role in ecosystem. The participants also got hands-on experience identifying butterflies using butterfly nets.

Butterflies recorded

  1. Dark Clouded Yellow
  2. Indian Cabbage White
  3. Large Cabbage White
  4. Pea Blue
  5. Striped Blue
  6. Crow
  7. Orange Punch
  8. Common Indian Tortoiseshell
  9. Chocolate Pansy
  10. Mixed Punch
  11. Indian Fritillary
  12. Common Mormon
  13. Common Sergeant
  14. Glassy Bluebottle
  15. Red Spot Jezebel
  16. Dark Judy
  17. Swift Species

Event Highlights

Announcement of the event

यही मार्च १९ गते पुतलीकाे बारेमा सिक्दै हामीसँग पदयात्रा 🥾गर्नुहाेस् र एउटा सामाजिक काममा हामीलाइ हातेमालाे 🤝गर्नुहाेस् ।

सर्म्पकः सनेज प्रसाद सुवाल (📞 ९८४९६९६५४०)

Hike with us, Bhaktapur Jaycees,Butterfly Watchers Nepal and NCSC, on March 19 to learn about butterflies 🦋 and join us in a social cause 🙏.

Contact: Sanej Prasad Suwal (📞 9849696540)

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