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Community Conservation Workshop for professional development

Community Conservation Workshop was organized in Kathmandu during 23-24 September, 2022. The workshop covered the basics of community conservation and had hands-on practice of developing methods to conduct community conservation including initiating relationships, co-designing projects and implementing the projects with communities. Instructor: Dr. Teri Allendorf,… Read More »Community Conservation Workshop for professional development

Butterfly Watching Tips

Are you interested in butterflies and keen to know more about butterflies but having problems finding them at the moment? Well, this article might be of some help and provides some useful tips for butterfly watching.

What is Sustainable Living?

The word “sustainable” has become a trend today, encouraged by various organizations, influencers, bloggers, and environmental activists. You see it associated with different organizations, brands, food, and lifestyle almost wherever you go. But what does the word actually mean?

5 Amazing Benefits of Rooftop Farming

Kausi Kheti or Rooftop Farming refers to cultivating plants for food utilizing the open spaces of the rooftop and balconies of your home. If you are someone curious or on the fence about starting your very own rooftop farm, then this article is just for you!