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We are a grassroot organization working to conserve nature and empower communities in Nepal.

Nature Conservation and Study Centre (NCSC) is registered as non-governmental organization at District Administration Office, Kathmandu (registration no. 1024/77/78) and Social Welfare Council (affiliation no. 51834).

Mission Statement

We work and collaborate with scientists, researchers, activists, communities and policy-makers to incorporate high-quality result oriented scientific research into nature conservation and sustainable livelihood.

Vision Statement

A sustainable world in harmony with nature !

Values Statement

Equality: Honoring & respecting every individual and their ideas without prejudice.

Diversity: Embracing differences within a team to tackle complex issues.

Innovation: Using novel and fresh ideas to tackle cross-cutting issues.

Collaboration: Working with other organization, governments and communities to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Accountability: Being accountable in both financial and professional ethics.

Ownership: Encouraging stakeholders for program ownership.

Hope for the future: Believing that tomorrow is going to get better. 

Transparency: Maintaining highest degree of transparency in both financial and decision making professional ethics.

Themes and  Goals

NCSC will concentrate on four thematic areas: 1. Biodiversity, 2. Ecology and Environment, 3. Water and Climate Change and 4. People and Community. Under each theme, there are multiple objectives to complete strategies that will help us achieve our targeted goals.