Our projects are inter-disciplinary with the intent to bring communities forward as conservation leaders, and are science based coupled with traditional knowledge for conservation benefits.


Baat Marum

Pangolin Trail Clean up

We organized a one day hike to clean the Pangolin trail on the occasion of World Cleanup Day 2021.

Community Conservation Workshop

Community Conservation Workshop was organized in Kathmandu covering the basics of community conservation.


Our team members write blogs on relevant topics for sustainable future of our planet.

Biodiversity Conservation Workshop of Jagadishpur Reservoir

Chamero, Chiuri, and Chepang

Chiuri Plantation, Bat Monitoring Training, Vegetation Survey, Bat Habitat Survey, and Beekeeping Workshop.

Camera trap demonstration

We spent the day demonstrating the use of camera traps and GPS device to curious visitors at WOW 2022.

Ecological documentary on Bats

The documentary is now available in Nepali language with Nepali and English subtitles in our official YouTube channel.

Occupancy Modeling Workshop

GIS training for young graduates

NCSC supported a six-day GIS training for young graduates of Central Campus of Technology, Dharan.

Milijuli: An Educational Series

Milijuli is an educational series dedicated towards conservation exploring the intersection of nature with other issues.

Fishing Cat Student Awareness

We organized a two-day outreach program for school children on Fishing cat and role of communities in conservation.

Ecological Research and Monitoring Station

One Health Webinar

Our monthly webinar series covers various topics on One Health organized jointly with One Health Center, & Rotaract Club of Kathmandu North.

Pollinators Week Celebration

We organized a week-long hiking program around Bhaktapur to celebrate National Pollinators Week 2022.

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