Our projects are inter-disciplinary with the intent to bring communities forward as conservation leaders, and are science based coupled with traditional knowledge for conservation benefits.


Community-Led Efforts for Bear Conservation

Safeguarding Asiatic Black Bear in the mid-hills through community engagement… [continue reading]

Conserving Chinese Pangolins in Khotang

Conserving Small Carnivores in Eastern Nepal

Rapid Biodiversity Assessment in the mid-hills

Exploring unprotected mid-hills forest to generate knowledge about biodiversity… [continue reading]

Eco-Club for Chinese Pangolin Conservation

Raising to instill a sense of responsibility and commitment for conservation… [continue reading]

Pollinators Week 2023

Spreading awareness about the crucial role of different pollinators in our ecosystem… [continue reading]

Community Conservation With Special Focus on Leopards

Conservation of Endangered Indian Peacock Softshell Turtle

Assessing the distribution patterns and identifying primary threats… [continue reading]

Community Conservation in Eastern Nepal

To address conservation challenges faced by the Trijuga forest… [continue reading]

Save The Frogs Day 2023

Celebrated successfully on the 28th of April with the support of Save The Frogs![continue reading]

Biodiversity Conservation Workshop of Jagadishpur Reservoir

Chamero, Chiuri, and Chepang

Studying ethnobiological relationship and promoting awareness and conservation programs…. [continue reading]

Camera trap demonstration

We spent the day demonstrating the use of camera traps and GPS device to curious visitors at WOW 2022… [continue reading]

Ecological documentary on Bats

The documentary is now available in Nepali language with Nepali and English subtitles in our official YouTube channel… [continue reading]

Baat Marum

Pangolin Trail Clean up

We organized a one day hike to clean the Pangolin trail on the occasion of World Cleanup Day 2021… [continue reading]

Community Conservation Workshop

Organized in Kathmandu covering the basics of community conservation… [continue reading]


Blog posts on topics for sustainable future of our planet… [continue reading]

Occupancy Modeling Workshop

GIS training for young graduates

Six-day GIS training for young graduates of Central Campus of Technology, Dharan… [continue reading]

Milijuli: An Educational Series

Series dedicated to conservation, exploring the intersection of nature with other issues… [continue reading]

Fishing Cat Student Awareness

Two-day outreach program for school children on Fishing cat and role of communities in conservation… [continue reading]

Ecological Research and Monitoring Station

One Health Webinar

Our monthly webinar series covers various topics on One Health organized jointly with One Health Center, & Rotaract Club of Kathmandu North… [continue reading]

Pollinators Week Celebration

We organized a week-long hiking program around Bhaktapur to celebrate National Pollinators Week 2022… [continue reading]

Join us in our journey towards a sustainable future.

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