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Water & Climate change

Effective interventions backed by science can empower communities to adapt to climate change.

Our Approach

We work together with other non-profits, corporations, government, individuals, communities, and scientist to assess climate change, determine its impact on community and biodiversity, and strengthen resilience of communities against climate change.

Our hope is to achieve better understanding of impacts of climate change to communities and biodiversity. This understanding is crucial to create resilient communities equipped with knowledge and technologies to adapt to changing environment.

Climate change impacts are particularly severe for vulnerable communities that rely on water for their livelihoods.

Water is a critical resource for sustainable development and human well-being. However, water resources are under increasing pressure from climate change, population growth, and economic development. These pressures are leading to the depletion of water resources, the degradation of water quality, and the loss of biodiversity. We need to promote sustainable and equitable water use and management practices.

Approaches to water management that promote adaptation include developing early warning systems for floods and droughts, promoting climate-resilient agriculture practices, and improving water storage and distribution systems. Nature-based solutions, such as restoring wetlands and planting trees, can help to mitigate the impacts of climate change on water resources and provide multiple benefits, such as carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, and improved livelihoods.

Adaptation is critical for communities to cope with the impacts of climate change and water-related disasters.




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