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Monkeys: Nature’s Playful Wonders and the Battle for Their Survival

Monkeys form a diverse and sizable mammal category, encompassing the majority of primates. While humans, chimpanzees, and other apes share a common ancestor with monkeys,… [continue reading]

A Glimpse into the Ghost of the Mountains — The Elusive Snow Leopard

Imagine a creature that roams the world’s highest peaks, blending seamlessly with the snow-covered landscape and possessing a charm as mysterious as the mountains… [continue reading]

Rhino in peril: A tale of survival and hope

Step into a world where the earth’s pulse echoes through the untamed wilderness. A world where towering giants, with their iconic horns, guard an epic narrative… [continue reading]

Wild and Wonderful: The Red Panda’s Untold Story

The red panda, often described as the “fire fox,” is a captivating and enigmatic creature that roams the dense forests of Asia… [continue reading]

International Tiger Day 2022

Global Tiger Day, often referred to as International Tiger Day, is a yearly celebration that takes place on July 29… [continue reading]

Melamchi’s Flood was Just a Tip of the Iceberg

‘Water from Melamchi finally arrives in Kathmandu,’ reads The Kathmandu Post’s headline on 7th March 2021. Shortly after this much awaited news, Valley households started getting busy filling up old empty jars… [continue reading]

Urban Parks

Urban parks, also known as municipal or public parks are delineated open spaces, mostly dominated by vegetation and water to offer recreation and green space to residents and visitors… [continue reading]

Developmental stages of swallowtail butterfly

My observation notes on the developmental stages of Papilio polytes (swallowtail butterfly) in Kathmandu, Nepal The ongoing global pandemic had kept me confined… [continue reading]

Choose Zero Waste Outing for this 2021

Social distancing and isolation has tested even the best of all introverts! So while scientists are busy creating vaccines and the world is slowly trying to go with the new normal… [continue reading]

How to Live Sustainably?

According to science writer Tim De Chant’s infographic (2012), it was illustrated that if seven billion people living on Earth were to live like an average Nepali, the world would need 1.9… [continue reading]

World Frog Day 2021

Frogs are the member of short-bodied, tailless amphibians under order Anura (meaning without tail in ancient Greek). Frogs are widely distributed species ranging from… [continue reading]

Butterfly Watching Tips

Are you interested in butterflies and keen to know more about butterflies, but having problems finding them at the moment? Well, this article might be of some help… [continue reading]

What is Sustainable Living?

The word “sustainable” has become a trend today, encouraged by various organizations, influencers, bloggers, and environmental activists. You see it associated… [continue reading]

Kausi Kheti or Rooftop Farming refers to cultivating plants for food utilizing the open spaces of the rooftop and balconies of your home. If you are someone curious or on the fence… [continue reading]