Our case for support

The earth is losing its fight for nature.

Together, we can build a better tomorrow.

The sixth mass extinction fueled by anthropogenic factors is rapidly approaching. Fragile ecosystems with vulnerable species will collapse further weakening the cycle of life. Identifying and strengthening the our frail ecosystem and vulnerable ecosystem is urgent more than ever.

We are the first generation to fully understand climate change and the last generation to be able to something about it.

United Nations World Meteorological Organization

The statistics of our depleting nature

  • An estimated 18 million acres of forest are lost each year, due in part to industrialization, logging and other human practices, destroying the ecosystems on which many species depend. 
  • 19 billion pounds of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year, polluting the Earth’s water ecosystem. 
  • To control the climate change crisis, we must drop our greenhouse gas emissions 7.6% each year between 2020 and 2030.

With your help, it doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe that good science and capable manpower can make anticipated changes for existing issues in nature and help in creating a better future.

Our scientific researches push for necessary policy changes for nature conservation and contributing for a better sustainable future.

We work to empower indigenous communities with a strong identity and sustainable livelihood. They are the best stewards for this planet.

What we do today for tomorrow?

Our vision

A sustainable world in harmony with nature!

Our mission

We work and collaborate with scientists, researchers, activists, communities and policy-makers to incorporate high quality result-oriented scientific research into nature conservation and sustainable livelihood.

We work for better understanding of biodiversity and protection of ecosystem functions.

Our research enhances understanding of climate change and empowers resilient communities with intact value-system.

We strive in making a sustainable world in harmony with nature, and with your help, we can plan a better future.

Our dedicated and professional team of diverse individuals makes our non-profit uniquely qualified to address these challenges

We need you!

Your support is crucial for the success of the organization. With your support , we conduct research in critical biodiversity habitats increasing our knowledge of unexplored and threatened species, understand the impacts of climate change and empower communities’ resilience.

This will help us to push for necessary policy changes for nature conservation. We are able to access, preserve and utilize the vast traditional knowledge that our indigenous communities have gathered over centuries. 

Your support enables youth to conduct scientific research and projects that will enhance the depleting environment for a better tomorrow.

Support us to protect the one planet we all call home.