Fishing Cat Educational Materials – Children’s Story Book: बिना र पुन्टे | Beena and Punte

Published: March 08

The Fishing Cat Conservation Project led by Swecchya Shrestha, recently distributed educational materials, including a storybook called “बिना र पुन्टे” (Beena and Punte) and its audiobook, to school children in the Jagadishpur Reservoir area. These materials aim to raise awareness about the conservation of fishing cats. Free digital copy of the storybook is available for download below.

बिना र पुन्टे  | Beena and Punte

About the book

“Beena ra Puntey” is a fictional book about a little girl, Beena, who finds a kitten beside Jagadishpur reservoir and decides to adopt it as her pet. She names the kitten Puntey. Later she finds out that her pet was not a domestic cat, rather a fishing cat. The short story unfolds about Beena and Puntey’s relationship and how the former gets to learn more about fishing cats.

Although targeted to school children, This book contains information about fishing cat for every age group in the community. Illustrative arts and simple language are used in the book to make it more readable and comprehensible. This book was produced with the support of Fishing Cat Conservation Alliance & Panthera.


The audiobook “Beena ra Puntey- for the conservation of fishing cat” is adapted from the fictional book “Beena ra Puntey”. Original idea of producing this audiobook was to reach a wider audience who prefer listening stories.

YouTube Link :

The audio book has been voiced over in Nepali language along with the subtitles embedded in the pictorial video. This book and audiobook was made from a team effort of Aditi Subba, Kaushal Yadav, Rupak Sunwar, Aastha Joshi, Yagyalal Gyawali and Swechhya Shrestha.

Book Distribution:

Printed copies of the story book were distributed to related stakeholders and government officials of the Kapilvastu area on 20th February 2023. Additional Information [here]