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International Tiger Day 2022

International Tiger Day


Global Tiger Day, often referred to as International Tiger Day, is a yearly celebration that takes place on July 29. This day has formally started after the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010. The purpose of the event is to promote tiger conservation initiatives and increase public awareness of the declining wild tiger population. It is observed in numerous tiger range nations around the world, including China, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Russia. Every year, a variety of activities are held to mark the anniversary. Examples of these include educational occasions, awareness drives, and fundraising initiatives.

It’s a big problem that the number of wild tigers is declining. 3,890 tigers were thought to still be living in the wild as of 2016. Compared to the estimated 100,000 tigers that were thought to be free-ranging in the 1900s, this is a considerable decline. Loss of habitat, hunting, and poaching are all contributing to the extinction of tigers. Tigers can be protected by people in a number of ways.

Why are tigers important?

There are several reasons why tigers are important. As a keystone species, they are first and foremost significant to the ecosystems in which they thrive. In order to prevent overgrazing and guarantee that other animals in the ecosystem have access to sufficient food, tigers help to regulate the number of the animals that serve as their prey.

Numerous cultures around the world place a high value on tigers. In Asian civilizations, tigers are typically viewed as emblems of power, strength, and luck. They are appreciated for both their beauty and hunting prowess.


Human conflict, illicit hunting, and habitat degradation and fragmentation pose the greatest threat to tigers. They are being hunted for their body parts and fur, and humans are ruining their habitats. They are one of the most endangered creatures in the globe as a result.

What can you do to help save tigers?

The purpose of International Tiger Day is to increase public awareness of the vulnerability of wild tigers. People can take a number of actions to protect tigers. Supporting groups that strive to safeguard tigers and their habitat is one thing. Another strategy is to choose your products carefully. Still being marketed illegally are several items including furniture and traditional remedies that contain tiger parts. By avoiding buying them, you can lessen demand for these goods. By being aware of them and making the decision not to buy them, you can contribute to lowering the demand for these goods. By educating people about the value of tigers and what they can do to conserve them, you can also contribute to their survival. You may, for instance, share posts and stories on tigers on social media. You can also let your family and friends know how important it is to protect these animals. Finally, you can educate people on the value of protecting tigers and their natural environment.


Last but not least, International Tiger Day is a day to celebrate these amazing animals and spread awareness of the problems they encounter. By contributing to conservation initiatives and speaking out against tiger poaching and habitat degradation on this day, we can all do our part to assist tigers. By educating people about tigers and their situation, we seek to motivate them to adopt protective measures.

Be alert! Be accountable!

Sanej is an ecologist and keen traveler interested in highland biodiversity. He has been working for the butterfly conservation for a while now.