School Student Awareness Program on Fishing Cat and its Habitat

News: Outreach Program [November 30 Update] NCSC is organizing a two-day outreach program for school children on Fishing cat and its Habitat, focused on conservation of fishing cats, role of communities in conservation, basic wildlife monitoring, and project updates.

Pangolin Trail Cleanup 2021

News: Cleanup Event [September 19 Update] Pangolin Trail Cleanup 2021 On September 18 2021 – World Cleanup Day 2021, we joined hands to clean the Pangolin Trail in Kirtipur organized by Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation – SMCRF in collaboration with हेलो कीर्तिपुर नगरपालिका,… Read More »Pangolin Trail Cleanup 2021

One Health Webinar Series

One Health Webinar Series Our monthly webinar series covers various topics on One Health. The sessions are organized jointly by One Health Center, Nature Conservation and Study Centre, and Rotaract Club of Kathmandu North in collaboration with other organizations. Experts are invited to talk about… Read More »One Health Webinar Series

How to Live Sustainably?

Photo by Akil Mazumder on How to Live Sustainably? By Aditi Subba According to science writer Tim De Chant’s infographic (2012), it was illustrated that if seven billion people living on Earth were to live like an average Nepali, the world would need 1.9… Read More »How to Live Sustainably?

World Frog Day 2021

Frogs are the member of short-bodied, tailless amphibians under order Anura (meaning without tail in ancient Greek). Frogs are widely distributed species ranging from the tropics to subarctic regions of the planet. There are about 7,300 recorded species in the world. Nepal alone has 81… Read More »World Frog Day 2021