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Save The Frogs Day 2023

Event Update | Published : May 5, 2023

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Save The Frogs Day 2023 was celebrated successfully on the 28th of April with participation of students of three schools from different regions of Nepal with the support of Save The Frogs!, an amphibian conservation organization.

Nature Conservation and Study Centre (NCSC) partnered with Ranibari Community Forest User Group, Research Committee Hattisar (RCH), Environmental Protection and Study Center (ENPROSC), and some independent volunteers to organize the event.

The main event was celebrated in Ranibari Community Forest in Kathmandu district and the partner events were celebrated in Dharan district, and Hari Siddhi Secondary School in Lalitpur district. A total of around 130 students participated in the event. Event included engaging activities for the children to help them learn about amphibians through interactive presentations, games, documentary shows, nature walk, coloring competition, face painting, etc.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our supporter, partners, volunteers, and the participating schools for making the event a very enjoyable and informative for the children.

Here are some images of our Save The Frogs Day celebration!

During the week we also shared infographics on amphibians of Nepal in our social media pages to increase public awareness.

Event Announcement | Published: April 27, 2023

वैशाख १५ मा हुने सेभ द फ्रग्स डे २०२३ उभयचरहरूको संरक्षणमा हातेमालाे गर्ने अवसर हाे ।

Save the Frogs Day 2023, happening on April 28 is an opportunity to come together for conservation of amphibians.

भ्यागुता, पाहाजस्ता उभयचरमा भएकाे तीव्र गिरावट विश्वव्यापी संकट हो 🌍। यी अत्यावश्यक प्रजातिहरूलाई बचाउन र हाम्रो पृथ्वीको जैविक विधतालाई बचाउनको लागि हामी सबैले अाफ्नाे स्थानबाट कदम चालाैँ ।

The rapid decline of amphibian populations is a global crisis. Let’s take action to save these vital species and protect our planet’s biodiversity. 🤝

यस वर्षकाे सेभ द फ्रग्स डे हामी सेभ द फ्रग्स!, ENPROSC र रानीबारी सामुदायिक वनसँगकाे सहकार्यमा मनाउदैछाैँ ।

NCSC is proud to be celebrating this day with the support of SAVE THE FROGS!, Environment Protection and Study Center, and Ranibari Community Forest this year.