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Species Distribution Modeling Workshop 2023

Our Species Distribution Modeling (SDM) Workshop was a success, bringing together passionate individuals to explore the world of SDM using R software. Here are the highlights:

Workshop Overview: The SDM workshop aimed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Species Distribution Modeling using the popular R software. Through interactive sessions and hands-on activities, participants delved into various aspects of SDM, including binomial distribution and GLM, occupancy modeling, presence-only modeling, and important topics for revision.

Workshop Schedule:

  • Day 1: Introduction to R
  • Day 2: Binomial distribution and GLM
  • Day 3: Occupancy modeling
  • Day 4: Presence-only modeling and topics that need revision

Participant Engagement: The workshop had three enthusiastic participants whose active participation, eagerness to learn, and insightful contributions made the workshop engaging and fruitful.

Venue and Logistics: The workshop took place at the NCSC office, providing a conducive environment for collaborative learning and networking. We ensured that participants were well taken care of with comprehensive workshop materials, refreshments, and a delicious lunch each day.

Acknowledgments: We extend our sincere appreciation to all the participants for their commitment and active involvement throughout the workshop.

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Thank you for your interest and support in our Species Distribution Modeling Workshop.

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